“Yoga is the Journey of the Self, to the Self, through the Self” – Bagavhad Gita

This is one of my favorite quotes of yoga. In few words the essence of yoga is defined.

Yoga is a practice that doesn’t make you belong to any religion, but it connects you to your Higher Self, through the exploration of your body and mind.

The word YOGA in Sanskrit means to yoke or bind, it is the union of the individual self to the universal Self.

I see yoga as an instrument to reach our full potential and live a “wholy” life, a life of wholeness free from suffering.

It teaches you to find concentration and stillness, but also flexibility and conscious movement. Each pose has a meaning and enlaces certain energies within your body. Through the movement you will find stillness and through the stillness you will find movement, ultimately they are one.

In my yoga practice I use different technologies from the ancient yogic traditions. I structure every class with a theme or an intention to work on/towards to. I design my classes as unique journeys, where I incorporate
breathwork and kryias techniques to guide you through a transformational experience.

The alchemy of who you think you are to who you really are. Here is my invitation for you: yoga has so much to offer that would open your horizons and be your ally to ride the waves of your daily life.

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