Spiritual Life Coaching

What is a spiritual life coach? 

A spiritual life coach is a coach that helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. By digging deeper into the client’s subconscious, they help you find out what you truly desire, not just what you think you want.

In this way, the spiritual coach helps you connect to your true Self. They work with you to change, re-direct and expand your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, remove limiting beliefs and whatever roadblocks along the way.

Through a the combination of different holistic techniques, I work with you on the operating system beneath your consciousness to get to root causes instead of treating symptoms. 

How do you know if you need to work with a spiritual life coach?

It begins often with a feeling of being stuck. You might be stuck in your career, a relationship, family dynamics or just life in general.

When you feel something is missing and life is not that exciting. Or maybe you find yourself repeating over and over some old patterns no matter how much yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling you have done.

You have tried different healing modalities and there is an improvement but you are not quite where you’d like to be in your life.

Then spiritual life coaching is right for you. In a journey together we will explore an issue you want to work on at 360*. Approaching it from different angles to pin point the source of it, remove it and rebuilding a functional internal operating system that would make you thrive.

So now, ask yourself :

👉 Do I want to consciously create? 

👉Do I want to own my power? 

👉Do I desire growth, progress, abundance, love, and deep satisfaction from my life? 

If the answer is yes, then book your FREE discovery call today.

How can you work with me?

If you are uncertain about which kind of support you need, I recommend booking the free call asap. In this 60 minutes together we will talk about where you are at, what are the goals you’d want to accomplish and what are the obstacles to succeed. This will give me an idea of how deep and intricate the issues you are facing are and I can point you towards the best strategy for you to get the most out of the work together.
If you know already what you want to work on, how much support you need and what’s best for your time/money commitment then here are some options for you. You can purchase them right away and still benefit from a first free call where we get to plan the journey together.

Do you feel that what you are looking for is actually a deep dive into the murky waters of your subconscious to work through all aspects of your life, discover and activate deeper truths and authenticity?

I got you 😘 Take a peek at my signature program R.E.S.E.T.👇

This is an 8-week program for people who feel stuck in life, spiraling in the same old patterns from time to time, despite all the efforts in switching things up. 

This program was born from years of studies in different healing modalities and through in depth spiritual journeys, working with people with different stories and upbringings from all over the world.
It is an accurate recipe based on people’s experiences and my own, a crafted a method that can take you from

being lost and unfulfilled to finding your true essence, creating the life of your dreams. 

RESET sits on the 5 pillars:

Reset the belief system 
Eliminate your self-sabotage 
Sense of Self recreated by yourself 
Enhance your full potential
Transform your life

This program is a 1:1 offering, meant to be customized on your needs and specifics. It is a journey inward from your past, to your present, taking you to the best version of your future self.
In this container I will be walking you through the exploration of a belief system that is stored in your subconscious together with your childhood traumas, creating a false identity and therefore blockages that are not allowing you to move forward. The goal is to shed all the layers that are dimming your inner light and giving you the tools to break free from this hidden mechanisms that keep you trapped.

You can fill the application form to book the initial FREE call to get more info and find out if this is what you have been waiting for.

This is for you, if:

👉 you are feeling hopeless and tired of constant struggles
👉 you are on a spiritual journey that needs direction
👉 you are stuck in patterns that create chaos in your life
👉 you are not living your full potential
👉 something is not working in your life but you don’t know what it is 
👉 you want to tune into your intuition and listen to that inner voice
👉 you want to stop making excuses 
👉 you have toxic relationships
👉 you are looking for your soul purpose


Dear Giulia,
It’s been such an amazing journey working with you!
8 weeks seems like a short enough time to commit to, and therefore, doable. However, 8 weeks, can also be packed with strong tools, great homework’s, and strengthening keen abilities and new awarenesses of getting acquainted and allowing for our limited beliefs to come to the fore, thereby replacing them with our innate true strengths and invigorating potential. We traversed many insights, epiphany’s, and adopted changes, shifts and strengths, to ultimately discover and activate deeper truths and authenticity.
I’m definitely feeling empowered and helped by our journey together and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in shifting and enlightening themselves to a newer, truer, Self!  GO FOR IT!
🙏🏼, with Gratitude, Fraidy