Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation.
It is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day.

The shaman is unique person who has increased facility for traveling in non-ordinary realms and also uses his/her spirit relationships to create changes that will manifest in the physical world, for the healing of individuals or the community.

The shaman directs and moves energy to restore the harmony within the individual, and between the individual and the spirit world.

Giulia has started her journey in Shamanism in 2017. She has worked with shamans from different traditions and cultures.
In her travels she spent time in the jungle of Ecuador learning from the Shaman of the Tzachila tribe and later she became an apprentice of two shamans of the Shipibos tradition, an amazonian peruvian tribe. From them she learned about Onanya healing.

Often illness (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) is seen by the healers as harmful designs/patterns on the bodies of the guests that they have either picked up externally or generated internally.

The Onanya “pull off” the bad patterns, brushing and blowing them away from the body. The Onanya uses healing odors (colognes made from various medicinal plants), mapacho (native tobacco that is used to clean negative energies and transmit positive energies) and ikaros (healing spirit songs) to reharmonize the patient’s energy field.

The songs are give to the shamans by the Spirit of the plants.The plants are teachers and companions for life and guide, heal, and help us along the way. They also assist with issues of intention and humility, reminding us that ultimately we are in service to the holy – the sacredness in all life.

In the West, we are now very conscious of needing to take care of our bodies through exercise, breathing, bodywork, eating good organic food, and drinking pure water. However, we are lacking in our understanding that we also need to cleanse ourselves internally; to clean our psyche of old beliefs, old patterns, negative thought processes, and induced fears. When we are not in line with ourselves, not living according to our own true nature, the energy becomes confused, leading to misalignment or vulnerability.
In the practice of shamanism the use of physical plants may be required in some cases.

Because of the vibratory quality of light and sound, and the high-level of intelligence of plants, their ability to communicate and heal is superior to that of any other life-form on the planet, including humans. The shamanic healing can guide us to reconnect with the plants and re-learn the heritage of wisdom that is carried within the plant kingdom.

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