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I am Giulia, a physiotherapist, yoga teacher and reiki master. I deal with the rehabilitation and care of the person in its three components: body, mind and spirit. My aim is to guide you in a deep knowledge of yourself through the alignment of your body and the relaxation of your mind, promoting a general improvement in your life.


I was raised in a medicine family, my dad a doctor and mom a psychologist––which made me curious about the study of the human being. I studied medicine and graduated as a top student at Sacred Heart University, and then worked as a Physiotherapist in Rome for 4 years. Meanwhile, I traveled and studied meditation and Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master.
I began to work on international research projects of neuromotor robotic rehabilitation, with the Campus Biomedico in Rome. At the same time I got involved in international volunteering projects in Africa with “Neuromuscular Taping”, becoming the coordinator of the volunteer division.

It is during one of my trips to Africa, that I decided to quit my job and travel the world to deep my knowledge in alternative healing methods because I felt the need of opening my mind to new cultures and experiences.
In the birth place of yoga, Rishikesh (India) I completed my 200hr teacher training at Sattva Yoga Academy by Anand Mehrotra.
In India I also attended the 10 day course-retreat of silence (Vipassana), that opened my understanding of meditation and mindfulness.
My passion for teaching yoga led me to work internationally like Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru.

My passion for teaching yoga led me to work internationally like Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru.

In 2019 I completed my 300hr Yoga teacher training and 1 Level of Yoga Therapy at Inbody Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah, to bridge the gap between yoga and rehabilitation.

For the last 7 years I have been diving deep into learning how to use plants and energy techniques to help people work through childhood traumas, sexual abuse, addictions, limiting belief system, subconscious reprogram and much more.

Mentoring with shamans from different traditions in Central and South American, I became a steward of this ancient knowledge in service of others spiritual and physical wellbeing.

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