What is Atman


Therapy for Body, Mind & Spirit

The Atman (which means “Soul” in Sanskrit) is the most profound essence of man––the expression of individuality, the bearer of consciousness, and physical life force.

Atman is the particle of the divine that is hidden in the intimate depths of a being––a reflection of Brahman (God or Universal Energy). Brahman is therefore the Cosmic Principle, and Atman is the mental and physical reflection. Those who see how the Atman can identify with Brahman, achieve Moksa (liberation).

I chose the name Atman because it represents the message of my practice. Working with the person as a whole, guiding them and exploring therapeutic resources together to find alignment with their essence. The physical body manifests an emotional or energetic imbalance through pain or tension. A constantly active mind contributes to increase the stress level of the individual and biochemically the body produces a response that in the long run becomes pathology.

Atman therapy was born from the idea of ​​leading the person on the path of healing, going to work deeply on themselves beyond the specific symptoms, looking for the cause of the discomfort that generates the imbalance. If you have come this far, it is because you are ready to embark on
the most transformational journey ever, the one within yourself, and you are ready to begin to walk your healing-liberation path.

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